Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Origin of Man

It's a common misconception that Darwin, in his famous book, explains how humans evolved from monkeys. Now some of you might ask why we still have monkeys then? Firstly, that's like asking why do we still have England when English folks colonized America. Secondly, humans DID NOT evolve from monkeys. Darwin explained that both humans and monkeys evolved from a common ancestor, not from each other. And if you wish to believe that some kind of super-being created humans (without any evidence of it, unlike evolution who's been proven in many ways) just go on, ignore this post.  Here's a simplified demonstration:


  1. here's another thing that's annoying: people will point to some outdated evolution theory that's been revised. like I used to tell my grandmother when she was alive, evolution doesn't say we evolved from apes! but since some early evolutionists proposed that, all must believe that... in her eyes at least

  2. Yeah, true, I've seen people pointing to something that's outdated in an attempt to disprove evolution too.