Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Big Bang theory

Another mistake commonly made by creationists. In an effort to explain the universe with a supreme being they'll often say the following: 'So, you're saying that in the beginning there was nothing and nothing happened to nothing and nothing exploded into something which then became dinosaurs and humans.' Well, no scientist said or will ever say that. Scientist don't get Nobel prizes for saying 'it' just happened. In the beginning there was a singularity (a dot infinitely dense, infinitely hot and infinitely small), that is something, and it exploded due to quantum fluctuations and because E= mc^2, energy created almost equal amounts of matter and anti-matter. When these two collide they release a great amount of energy. Since there was a slightly greater amount of matter, at the end, it's all that left. When it got cold enough, protons and electrons started forming and making atoms which then by gravity pulled together to create everything you see. The evidence of the Big Bang is cosmic background microwave radiation and the temperature of space, so there ARE proofs that it happened unlike the statement: 'Lul Magic man did it' which bears absolutely no proof whatsoever. Here's a pic you should check out:

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  1. Great explanation, and the picture is really awesome.

  2. Problem is, you cannot use logic to reason with these people. The very definition of faith is that even despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, they will believe in what their God has told them.

    One of the (paraphrased) quotes I always liked from Carl Sagan was that, "if you have to use a creator to explain away the start of a universe, because *nothing* cannot just happen, then I would say to you; go one step further and ask who created the creator. Take away the creator and you are left with the same hypothesis as I"

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting. I totally agree with you rbtb.